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How MBIM Reduces Your Costs

Faster device launches, reduced device install times and cross-platform compatibility are a few of the benefits mobile operators and device manufacturers can experience when incorporating the mobile broadband interface model on their devices. Microsoft has adopted the standard in all of their Windows 8 devices and although we are now seeing evidence of these benefits in the market, the industry has a long way to go.

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New Windows 8 White Paper on Mobile Hotspots—Now Available

Raising the bar with mobile hotspotsThis week Smith Micro is releasing a third white paper in a series that examines new broadband-related challenges and opportunities in Windows 8 for mobile operators.

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Windows 8 and the Mobile Hotspot Challenge

windows 8 start screen

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The Great Eight List for Windows 8

Reviews, tutorials, and blogs—oh my!

race track showing 1 to 8As most are well aware, Microsoft recently launched its newest version of Windows, which the company says is the most dramatic update to the operating system in 17 years. With the explosion of online content about the subject, it can be difficult to find relevant information. Below you will find what I have found to be the best-of-the-best resources for Windows 8. Enjoy!

1.  Best Overview Video for Non-Techies

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Windows 8: Microsoft’s Entry Into BYOD or the End of the Dedicated OS?

With the release of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is attempting to provide an operating system that caters to consumers, while at the same time enabling IT administrators to more easily manage these devices. CIOs are interested to see if the new Windows-based tablets can perform as expected and are prepared to be early adopters, replacing iPad and Android deployments with devices carrying their native OS.

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