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Video Streaming QoE: A Challenge of Growing Importance

blog-video-streaming-qoe-mental-stress.jpgI recently read an article that did an excellent job capturing the link between mental stress and high quality mobile experiences. Citing a report published by Ericsson in February 2016, the article - “Slow mobile buffering a horror show” – focused on Ericsson’s comparison of the mental stress caused by slow mobile video streaming with the stress caused by watching a horror movie alone.

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As Mobile Video Explodes, Advertising Opportunities Abound

According to a recent report by Business Insider, it’s predicted that, by 2017, mobile video traffic will exceed eight million terabytes per month, up from less than one currently.  There are multiple factors driving this movement. First and foremost, younger audiences are adopting a mobile lifestyle in droves. The 14-23 crowd typically owns tablets and wants to consume content on their terms. They are more likely to watch a TV show on their tablet than a DVD or Blu-ray. This usage peaks in the evening and weekends during the traditional TV viewing window—and advertisers are taking notice.

As Mobile Video Explodes, Advertising Opportunities AboundTablet users tend to have higher conversion rates than those on smartphones; they also watch movies and shows longer than 10 minutes. This opens up opportunities to display traditional 15- or 30-second ads in support of a myriad of business models. However, smartphones cannot be left out of the advertising equation. They account for around 4.5% of mobile video traffic today, compared to 3.7% for tablets. It’s the smartphone platform that provides consumers with the easiest way to watch video on-the-go throughout the day, and reaching these consumers is key.

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Hospitality and Mobile Video Delivery: Enhancing the Guest Experience

As more hotel guests routinely stream video content on their personal digital devices, technology has become crucial to the hotel experience these days. Guests want to capitalize on everything the property has to offer on their device—transcending beyond the in-room television or flat screen in the bar. Mobile devices, with their flexibility and convenience, are key to creating guest experiences that are relevant and engaging.

Hotels on the forefront of digital innovation are now delivering a high-quality, seamless video experience to multiple screens. It’s important to support a wide range of operating systems and device models, and to dynamically adjust content transcoding based on different device capabilities and conditions of the hotel’s Wi-Fi network. When this is properly executed over a high-speed, open Wi-Fi network, hotel guests will get a much better experience.

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