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5 Ways to Optimize Wi-Fi in 2017

Wi-Fi Optimization-Image-Blog_Jan2017.jpgAccording to the Wi-Fi Alliance, more than three billion Wi-Fi-enabled devices will ship in 2017 joining more than eight billion devices already in use. What does this mean for communication service providers? Getting Wi-Fi right has never been more critical. From winning the war for relevance inside and outside the home to combating subscriber churn in an increasingly competitive and diverse marketplace, Wi-Fi is paramount. 

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Ending Mobile Data Usage Confusion—Forever

Mobile operators have reacted to the swell in data usage with a variety of strategies that include volume-based tiers, usage caps, and time-of-day usage pricing. While this may address the immediate challenge of preserving network integrity for users, it has also led to increased customer confusion, “bill shock,” higher support costs and, ultimately, higher customer churn.

Feeling a few megs short of a gig?
Let's face it, most consumers find it difficult to understand data usage rates that are measured in megabytes and gigabytes. For example, how does one distinguish between the data used while browsing Facebook and the data used while streaming music or video? The measurement of data consumption is even more complex when an entire family, or even a small business, is sharing a single broadband data connection.

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