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Where is My Mobile Concierge When I Need it?

iStock_75192979.pngSmartphones have fundamentally changed how consumers interact with brands. It’s difficult to find anyone these days who hasn’t used their smartphone to interact with their favorite stores. The beauty of this change is that we can more easily choose how, when, and where we interact with consumer brands.

Sort of like offering a mobile concierge to your customers. But we’ll get to that shortly...

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Mobile: A Marketing Opportunity Like No Other

“Let me tell ya, you gotta pay attention to signs. When life reaches out with a moment like this, it’s a sin if you don’t reach back.”   – Matthew Quick, Silver Linings Playbook

Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_10.14.10_AM.pngAs Gartner proclaimed way back in 2014, customer experience is indeed the new battlefield for marketers. Now for most B2C enterprises, mobile is recognized as a key component of customer experience and core to business growth. Unfortunately, mobile’s vast potential has gone largely untapped, as most businesses aren’t willing “to go the extra mile” with mobile content, mobile paid search advertising, and push notifications, according to Forrester research. Even when “mobile-first” strategies have been executed, the results have not been promising.


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HITEC 2013: Challenges and Opportunities for BYOD in Hospitality

The largest hospitality technology tradeshow, HITEC, recently took place in Minneapolis. I found it very interesting to see the impact of the BYOD (bring your own device) movement on the hospitality industry. BYOD has been gaining momentum among enterprises for years now, as iPhones and Android phones and tablets have handily displaced long-time champion, BlackBerry. Since travelers already have these devices, it’s only natural that they bring them when they travel. And no wonder; as we saw from our recently released survey, 58% of travelers now bring their tablets with them—up from 37% last year.

tablet with bell hitec summary articleHoteliers, on the other hand, are struggling with the BYOD trend. The majority have been seeing revenues decline in part to the rise of these new technologies. As Wi-Fi becomes more ubiquitous, it’s no longer something they can charge customers for. On top of that, revenues from purchases of in-room movies have also been declining steadily for years. With iPads in hand, along with Wi-Fi, travelers now have access to unlimited movie content via services such as Netflix and Amazon.

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As Smartphones Get Smarter … What’s in Store for Hospitality?

Travelers have come to expect a seamless, “always on” mobile experience at home and at work. That same expectation now clearly extends when travelling for business or pleasure. Fortunately, technology is enabling some changes with benefits for both travelers and hotel properties.

mobile video streaming to tablet device with woman on the beach - hospitality industryWith the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas now at an end, here’s a quick look at some of the mobile technology trends making their way into hotels for 2013:

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Hospitality and Mobile Video Delivery: Enhancing the Guest Experience

As more hotel guests routinely stream video content on their personal digital devices, technology has become crucial to the hotel experience these days. Guests want to capitalize on everything the property has to offer on their device—transcending beyond the in-room television or flat screen in the bar. Mobile devices, with their flexibility and convenience, are key to creating guest experiences that are relevant and engaging.

Hotels on the forefront of digital innovation are now delivering a high-quality, seamless video experience to multiple screens. It’s important to support a wide range of operating systems and device models, and to dynamically adjust content transcoding based on different device capabilities and conditions of the hotel’s Wi-Fi network. When this is properly executed over a high-speed, open Wi-Fi network, hotel guests will get a much better experience.

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