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With Connected Device Management, You Must Plan Ahead!


As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) continues to gain momentum, management challenges will continue to emerge as these systems scale. Complexity, fragmentation, system security and/or bandwidth costs are at the root of most of these growth-induced roadblocks.

To overcome these challenges, every business must approach all aspects of the IIoT in a forward-thinking manner that recognizes and accounts for the inevitable needs of system flexibility, extensibility, robustness and management efficiency. With all of the new possibilities and opportunities enabled by enterprise-scale connected systems, it is easy to overlook small details “now” that will turn into management nightmares in the future.

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Have Control of BYOD? What Are You Doing About BYON?

Smith Micro BYOD to BYON

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement introduced new challenges to IT administrators, many of which are now being addressed by a variety of mobile device management (MDM) solutions on the market. But the general approach to MDM has neglected an important aspect of mobility, which is managing howdevices connect to the corporate network over public, uncontrolled access points. The widespread availability of Wi-Fi hotspots, including the smartphone in your pocket, has sparked a “bring your own network” (BYON) trend with its own challenges that few organizations have even considered, much less resolved.

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How MBIM Reduces Your Costs

Faster device launches, reduced device install times and cross-platform compatibility are a few of the benefits mobile operators and device manufacturers can experience when incorporating the mobile broadband interface model on their devices. Microsoft has adopted the standard in all of their Windows 8 devices and although we are now seeing evidence of these benefits in the market, the industry has a long way to go.

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Connected Cars Show Great Promise

SMSI Connected Car h198

Reblogged from: eWeek

Driverless cars, while something of an end goal, are also an extreme on the spectrum of opportunity the connected car market represents.

"The average lifecycle of an app is two or three months. The average lifecycle of a phone is 12 to 24 months. But the average lifecycle of a car is five to 10 years," said Horvath.  Automakers are trying to figure out how to "refresh a car, offer an updated experience," he said, adding that over-the-air updates, made possible through high-speed Long Term Evolution (LTE) connections, are an answer.

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Your Next Connected Device May Be Your Car

It may surprise you to learn that the same software used to update your mobile phone could soon find its way under the hood of your automobile. That’s because the underlying standards from the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) designed for the management of small mobile devices are also applicable to the automotive industry through the use of embedded control systems.

Smartphone on WheelsToday almost everything in a modern vehicle is controlled by some type of electronic system. The use of electronic control units (ECUs) in today’s vehicles has grown exponentially over the last two decades, to the point where the average car might have 70 to 100 ECUs. Advanced functionalities such as antilock braking systems, adaptive cruise control, and climate control—once found only in higher-end luxury models—are more common today across many vehicle models, thanks largely to advances in processor technology.

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