Three Keys for Effective Mobile Engagement

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Over the past 20 years, we have become increasingly dependent on mobile technology in our daily lives and routines. Now in 2017, having a flip phone, or no phone rather, is almost unheard of. Nearly everyone has a smartphone (some people even use more than one on a regular basis) and they carry it with them everywhere to do pretty much anything.

In fact, according to WirelessWeek, 65% of digital media is consumed with mobile devices. With such an immense amount of media being digested via mobile, reaching consumers on their smartphones is absolutely essential.  However, to engage effectively with your customers via mobile you must transform the way you think about it.

Put simply, mobile is not just another channel or device; it is a lifestyle. 

What this means is that you can’t just take your normal engagement strategy, deliver it to mobile and think it will work; because it won’t - at least not the way you're hoping. Instead, you need to optimize your engagement strategy for your consumers' mobile lifestyles. So when planning your mobile strategy, here are three areas you must consider.

1. People use smartphones differently depending on their age.

As reported by MediaPost in an August 2016 article, 84% of millennials use their smartphones while shopping, and 63% report that they shop on their smartphones every day. When you compare this level of mCommerce activity to that exhibited by Baby Boomers, the behavioral gap between generations is readily apparent. According to a December 2016 report released by eMarketer, users 60 and older are much less likely to use their smartphone for online shopping (38%) or price checking (41%).

2. Mobile experiences are about the individual, the person, and their lifestyle.

To illustrate this point, consider the college student who uses their smartphone to communicate with their parents, share their adventures on social media, and even to take pictures of lecture notes. Now compare this behavior to how dad or mom would use their smartphone. According to Flurry Analytics, dads use their smartphones for health, fitness and shopping, while moms often employ their smartphones as a parenting tool.

This comparison reminds us that the mobile engagement strategy used to reach dad or mom would likely fall flat if used to reach their college student. As such, your marketing efforts should be optimized to align with your customers’ mobile lifestyles. When thinking about your mobile strategy, always ask yourself: How do my customers incorporate mobile into their daily lives?

3. Generation Z is the most connected (and most mobile) generation yet

To keep and gain users, you don't have to create something brand new, but rather reinvent a basic, core element of your business that aligns with their mobile lifestyle. When designing a mobile strategy, most businesses focus on millennials. But you should be focusing on the next generation of consumers who are mobile natives: namely, Generation Z.


Here’s some quick background on Generation Z and why you should care:

  • Generation Z currently represents 25% of the United States population and already possesses $44 billion buying power.
  • This generation is the most connected ever; they seek instant gratification but also expect deep, compelling experiences.
  • Mobile is essential to every aspect of their lives, from communication and entertainment to retail and education.
  • To remain relevant into the future, your brand must effectively engage with this generation on mobile.
  • To do so, you must understand their lifestyles, expectations and needs and then go build a mobile strategy perfect for them.

Future-proofing your mobile lifestyle strategy requires constant measurement and data-driven improvement. Luckily for you, smartphones are able to collect consumer data that is highly indicative of their mobile lifestyle.

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