The ANDSF Advantage

Operators are making a critical shift away from voice-centric networking to Internet protocol (IP) data-centric networking just to capture new revenue and improve user experience. IP-based networking provides the foundation to enable interoperability between 3GPP networks with non-3GPP networks, such as Wi-Fi, through utilization of standard protocols. ANDSF standards aim to make network transitions seamless for end users while making network traffic manageable for service providers. 

What does this mean? Who does benefit?

Mobile Network Operators (MNO)HiRes

  • Ability to better optimize traffic loads across licensed and unlicensed spectrum
  • Relieving congestion on cellular networks
  • Maintain high Quality of Experience (QoE) key to customer retention

Multiple System Operators (MSO)

  • ANDSF will provide wholesale offload capacity to MNOs transparent to the end user
  • Seamless Wi-Fi connectivity for cable subscribers


  • Mitigate costs from growth in mobile and cloud-based services
  • Prioritization of secure, high-performance Wi-Fi to improve coverage and reliability

In the new world of heterogeneous networking, the complexity of finding and connecting to optimal networks has been dumped onto the end user who is ill-equipped and often unmotivated to handle this burden. To resolve this, the 3GPP organization has taken steps to develop ANDSF to modernize intelligent network selection and traffic management functions.