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ANDSF. What!?

2013 marked a rapid increase in interest to improve cellular to Wi-Fi interoperability – not just from mobile operators, but also from cable operators, fixed line operators and enterprises. The interest is truly global as organizations in every region are developing strategies to leverage Wi-Fi for a variety of reasons, including network congestion relief, improved in-building coverage, and ability to offer lower cost wireless service plans. However, in order to achieve truly seamless interoperability across heterogeneous networks from any provider, the industry needs to resolve challenges associated with connectivity, authentication, session persistence and traffic management. This is the objective of several emerging industry standards, including a set being developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) known as Access Network Discovery and Selection Function, or ANDSF.

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The ANDSF Advantage

Operators are making a critical shift away from voice-centric networking to Internet protocol (IP) data-centric networking just to capture new revenue and improve user experience. IP-based networking provides the foundation to enable interoperability between 3GPP networks with non-3GPP networks, such as Wi-Fi, through utilization of standard protocols. ANDSF standards aim to make network transitions seamless for end users while making network traffic manageable for service providers. 

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How MBIM Reduces Your Costs

Faster device launches, reduced device install times and cross-platform compatibility are a few of the benefits mobile operators and device manufacturers can experience when incorporating the mobile broadband interface model on their devices. Microsoft has adopted the standard in all of their Windows 8 devices and although we are now seeing evidence of these benefits in the market, the industry has a long way to go.

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The Importance of Being "Standard"

The mobile world can be daunting. With the variety of devices, operating systems, and wares (hardware, software, firmware … kitchenware?) it’s a wonder that anything works at all. How do phones from different manufacturers communicate with each other over infrastructure from different manufacturers using different technologies?

In a world where mobile players want to differentiate from their competition, being unique isn’t the answer; in fact, it can often mean the end. If your software is not properly designed, it can often become what is known as “throw-away code” as markets evolve and use cases adapt.

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