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Have Control of BYOD? What Are You Doing About BYON?

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement introduced new challenges to IT administrators, many of which are now being addressed by a variety of mobile device management (MDM) solutions on the market. But the general approach to MDM has neglected an important aspect of mobility, which is managing how devices connect to the corporate network over public, uncontrolled access points. The widespread availability of Wi-Fi hotspots, including the smartphone in your pocket, has sparked a “bring your own network” (BYON) trend with its own challenges that few organizations have even considered, much less resolved.

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The Importance of Being "Standard"

The mobile world can be daunting. With the variety of devices, operating systems, and wares (hardware, software, firmware … kitchenware?) it’s a wonder that anything works at all. How do phones from different manufacturers communicate with each other over infrastructure from different manufacturers using different technologies?

In a world where mobile players want to differentiate from their competition, being unique isn’t the answer; in fact, it can often mean the end. If your software is not properly designed, it can often become what is known as “throw-away code” as markets evolve and use cases adapt.

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