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5 Ways to Optimize Wi-Fi in 2017

According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, more than three billion Wi-Fi-enabled devices will ship in 2017 joining more than eight billion devices already in use. What does this mean for communication service providers? Getting Wi-Fi right has never been more critical. From winning the war for relevance inside and outside the home to combating subscriber churn in an increasingly competitive and diverse marketplace, Wi-Fi is paramount. 

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Measuring the Success of your Wi-Fi Strategy

 During a recent webinar, we discussed the benefits of device-based monitoring at length with industry analyst Dan O’Shea from Heavy Reading. The situation is this: traditional network monitoring techniques, which measure performance at the network access point (AP), fail to provide the visibility communication service providers (CSPs) require to effectively manage Quality of Experience (QoE) on Wi-Fi networks. As Wi-Fi now comprises a majority of mobile users’ connected experience, it is vital for CSPs to utilize tools designed to measure and manage QoE on these unlicensed networks.

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The Future of Mobile Video Calling Is... Now

Consumer usage of mobile video calling is skyrocketing, thanks in part to the large displays, front-facing cameras, and 4G/LTE network speeds of today’s advanced smartphones. Free video calling services, such as Tango Mobile, are growing at a phenomenal rate, with 80 million active users and an additional 200,000 joining daily.

For years, mobile operators predicted that mobile video calling would be the ultimate app to drive data consumption on a mass-market scale. With that said, this recent surge in usage must be great news for operators, right? Yes and no. According to a recent article by The New York Times, while the rise of mobile video calling is creating new business models, it’s also creating new stresses on mobile networks.

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