Forget Water, I Need Wi-Fi

SMSI_WiFi2 Earlier this week while on LinkedIn I saw the image to the right, and I started to think about how true this is. In today’s world being connected is a part of the basic human need. We need to be able to check email, surf the internet, connect with friends and family, and most importantly, check into our favorite restaurants. We have become so reliant on these connections that we don’t appreciate the complex device and network technologies required to get connected and stay connected.

The one thing I would change in the image is I would add 3G/4G to the bottom because, in reality, we cannot rely solely on Wi-Fi if accessing mobile data is critical, just like we can no longer rely solely on cellular networks to keep connected.

Today, most consumers in the U.S. own multiple connected devices and networks are as congested as the 405 freeway in Los Angeles at rush hour. We often use freeways to portray data traffic, as it is a great visual illustration of how data travels. Peter Rysavy of Rysavy Research states it perfectly, “Our LTE networks are like well-planned freeways that use dedicated land and provide broad transportation coverage. Wi-Fi is like the mishmash of all other roads, providing great local access but not serving as a viable substitute for freeways.” (Find the full article here)

If you’d like to learn more about the latest technologies and standards shaping data traffic, come join us at the Portable Computer and Communications Association (PCCA) workshop this June.