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SMSI_Offload-connected WorldNetwork operators are well aware that today’s users expect seamless network access and a consistent, quality experience across their devices and applications. Therefore, operators are faced with two key challenges: ensuring data coverage for their customers and improving network data capacity to ensure delivery of data services at the speed customers need for quality service.

On-Device Analytics

Thanks to the growing complexity of today’s data networks, analytics is an essential tool for operators that need the ability to provide more control than simple Wi-Fi offloading. On-device analytics provides the intelligent feedback that operators need to understand and evaluate their Wi-Fi offloading practices. Furthermore, analytics gives operators the ability to see, measure, and understand usage patterns.

Targeting Subscriber Segments

On-device analytics creates an opportunity for operators to target subscriber segments based on device, application or usage information for services, and expand the capabilities of Wi-Fi offload cases. Operators realize little to no revenue being generated by subscriber consumption of over-the-top content and services such as YouTube and Netflix, yet it can have considerable impact on network traffic.

Why Do Operators Need It?

Simply put, on-device analytics enables operators to build flexible and intelligent network and device policies. While the challenge of consolidating and collating potentially massive amounts of device usage data may seem daunting, the benefits are clear. Establishing baseline metrics is a crucial first step to developing successful offload strategies, which need to be flexible enough that they can be continuously refined to meet the evolving demands of data consumers and their devices.

Will on-device analytics change the game for operators wanting to optimize network resources in a cost-effective manner?

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